Disarmament of the people

Every civilization has always been violent to the core

"Our world, and every civilization that ever existed on it, has always been violent to the core. I¹ve arrived at the conclusion that violence is the general state of the human condition. This statement needs to be qualified: There is violence that is born of nothing more than unprovoked and unjustifiable malice. There is also violence that is a natural and righteous reaction to check the unprovoked, unjustifiable type. We can simply call these two categories aggression and self defense. As lawful owners of firearms we practice with the most efficient tools available to protect ourselves and our loved ones from practitioners of the former sort of violence ..."

Rabbi R. Mermelstein
December 15, 2004
Rules of Engagement

information - coincidence

Message intended for Tasmanians.
BUT it contains information of concern to the population of the world.  
A mass murder took place in Tasmania back in 1996, dubbed the Port Arthur Massacre (PAM), it preceded legislation, previously drawn up, but not put before the Federal Parliament prior to the PAM.  Following PAM, the legislation was passed into Law designed to disarm law abiding Australians. If this situation has any similiralities to other horrific events there is no coincidence.  The following will be of great value to those around the world still capable, and practicing, independent thought.  Port Arthur is an isolated place on a peninsula with one road in and out, the road is capable of being closed by an existing swing bridge.   Regards, Joe Bryant.

The official version is that Martin Bryant, (no relation that I know of), acting alone, was the lone gunman at Port Arthur in 1996.  Below are but a few anomalies which make the official version of the story hard to believe.

A few of the ANOMOLIES

1.  On the Sunday morning, 28th April, 1996, just hours before the murders, ten of the senior people at Port Arthur were sent  many  miles  away, up the Tasmanian east coast for a two-day seminar with no agenda and no visiting speakers.    One of the managers has spoken publicly about this unprecedented 'seminar' which kept them out of the way and safe.

2. Just before the shootings, the only two policeman stationed some miles away were called even further away on a wild goose chase. They were sent to the Coal Mine at Salt Water River, to investigate a drug stash removing them from any possibility of getting to Port Arthur ins hurry.     Had one of the two policemen remained at Dunalley, he could have closed the swing bridge to prevent anyone, e.g. the gunmen, from leaving the peninsula by road.

3.  BIG MORTUARY TRUCK :  Shortly before the massacre, a specially-built 22 body capacity mortuary truck was built. It attracted some derision at the time, but it was effectively used at Port Arthur.  Later it was advertised for sale on the internet.

Gun Owners of America BEWARE - Here Comes the Semi-auto Ban Again

More anti-God man-made legislation.

Deuteronomy 4:2 Ye shall not ADD unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish [ought] from it, that ye may keep the Commandments of the "I AM" your God which I COMMAND you. http://i.am/jah/kofkad.htm

Senators are part of the problem, not the solution.

The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan:- http://i.am/jah/plan.htm




Gun Owners of America BEWARE

Here Comes the Semi-auto Ban Again


Feinstein Planning to Offer Semi-auto Ban as an Amendment Soon

Was Port Arthur Designed to Undermine our National Security?

More on the Port Arthur Massacre and their patsy.

Forwarded is one of the most bizarre events of the recent past. Its facts were so muted and disguised as to make the entire issue, hardly plausible. Yet, the event happened, and the Gun issue in Australia emerged.... The similar event in Scotland can easily fit into the same category ..as unsolved, or at least why these people did what they did...JRN

Was Port Arthur Designed to Undermine our National Security ?

It is an accepted media "fact" that Martin Bryant, an intellectually- impaired young man with a dramatically low IQ of 66, shot dead 35 people at Port Arthur and wounded 22 others.

Not just that, but this awesome shooter managed to kill the first 19 out of 20 dead in the Broad Arrow Cafe with single accurate shots to the head fired from his right hip.

Not bad for a man with no firearm experience other than using a Webley Osprey air rifle when he was a boy, and by the way, Bryant used to fire the Webley from his left shoulder because he is and has always been left- handed.

Perhaps the media should have questioned this startling inconsistency but failed to do so. After all, the suspect was in custody, international media outlets were screaming for the "dramatic" story, and somehow Martin Bryant's increasingly desperate pleas of "Not Guilty" were ignored by all and sundry.

Why? Perhaps because the Tasmanian Government was already aware that there was absolutely no evidence of any kind linking Bryant to Port Arthur, and needed a media "conviction" to protect their exposed political hides. And so it was that Martin Bryant became the most vilified and hated man in Australia, with thousands calling for his immediate execution.


CDC Finds No Proof Gun Laws Curb Violence

Since violence is an inate factor of human behavior (and not all violence is inherently bad or evil - some, like defensive violence to resist attack, is obviously justified) and guns are merely an inanimate tool, why should this come as any surprise?

Especially since Canada - that bastion of p.c. gun-registration and gun-banning - is now reporting that more people in Canada were killed with knives than with guns in 2002.... and that homicides in Canada are up...

Is Your Gun Rights Organization Ready To Face the Fight?

By Tom Farrenkopf

An Ought Six Point of View

Monday, July 7, 2003, on American soil- soil soaked with the blood of our Fathers, men and women with no allegiance to this nation began a conference dedicated to stealing your right of self-defense. You must be genuinely concerned with this. The conference, The United Nations First Biennial Meeting of States to Consider the Implementation of the UN Programme of Action to Prevent, Combat and Eradicate the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All its Aspects at the National, Regional and Global Levels, is part of the follow-up process to the United Nations Conference on the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All Its Aspects (2001 Conference), which was held in New York from 9 to 20 July 2001. The UN holds that, disarmament is vital for quality of life and ultimately the survival of the planet.

Gun Refresher Course

1. An armed man is a citizen. An unarmed man is a subject.
2. A gun in the hand is better than a cop on the phone.
3. Colt : The original point and click interface.
4. Gun control is not about guns; it's about control.
5. If guns are outlawed, can we use swords?
6. If guns cause crime, then pencils cause misspelled words.
7. Free men do not ask permission to bear arms.
8. If you don't know your rights you don't have any.
9. Those who trade liberty for security have neither.
10. The United States Constitution (c) 1789. All Rights Reserved.

FBI Abuses

An acquaintance sent me a shocking account of a Maryland man who was called last week by a purported FBI agent who claimed to have a list of the guns he owns, and began asking him why he had them and where he was at the time of the sniper murders. The man, whose Jewish name is Chaim, called the local FBI office to tell them someone was impersonating an officer, and gave them the number that had called. The pleasant FBI officer said they didn't make such calls, but then recognized the number as belonging to the Joint Task Force investigating the "Beltway Snipings."

Dr. Behind Port Arthur (Aust.) Gun Control Now In Maryland


By Stewart Beattie

Author of A Gunsmith's Notebook on Port Arthur, 2002

Recent news reports from out of America's East Coast of a "sniper" shooting unarmed people in Maryland and Virginia caused me to take a second look at part of an article I'd written earlier in 2000, about a "star" of the gun control network, Doctor Rebecca Peters, who coincidentally went to Baltimore as soon as her task "down under" was done.

In Australia the "gun control" compact deployed as a network of NGOs, but also they were strategically grafted into our Administration in the Attorney General and Justice Departments. Duncan Kerr (Labour) was the Minister responsible for the Department of Justice who over saw the appointment of one Daryl Smeaton, charged with the drafting of new gun laws, for the States and Territories to enact - as early as November 1995.

The National Coalition for Gun Control (NCGC) was based in Sydney, but had an important branch in Hobart, Tasmania, headed up there by lawyer Roland Browne, while in Melbourne a "sister" organisation, the Coalition for Gun Control (CGC) was run by John Bruce Crook. Prior to 1996, Crook was involved in a defamation action in Melbourne, and in that trial it was reported that none other than Daryl Smeaton presented the Court with a supportive character reference for Crook. 1

But it was in Sydney where Rebecca Peters rose to prominence, arriving in 1981, 'with a man she met travelling,' and apparently lived in Cairo prior to her arrival. While Peters says "she decided" to settle Down Under and become an "Australian citizen," I'm caused to remember those famous words, 'In politics nothing happens by chance. If it happens, it was meant to happen that way'. Apparently Rebecca was from a young age, bent on saving the world.

Born in 1962, Peters grew up as a teenager in Costa Rica, the second of six children in an American family. As her father worked for the American Government there, 'half jokingly,' she suggested in an interview in Australia he "probably worked for the CIA." At age 15 years while attending an "alternative school" in Costa Rica, Peters was educated by itinerant "young hippies". It was during this new-age education she became "obsessed with changing the world."

In Sydney, Peters enrolled in a university in the faculty of Engineering (possibly Macquarie), being just one of only two females in the course, but in 1983 she dropped out. For a time Rebecca took a job as a researcher and reporter with ABC Radio (known locally as the "Gay-BC"), worked with Andrew Olle, but soon found the nature of journalism, 'too disposable'.

In 1991 with a not-so-subtle agenda, Peters returned to university, enrolled as a law student gaining her law degree, at the end of which, she produced a thesis on 'tighter gun control'. This was the "centrepiece" of an enormous folio of material she collected and wrote for her campaign to remove loop-holes in existing gun laws in Australia. She promoted herself as a 'multilingual middle-class lawyer' who was fanatical about "gun control". 2

By `91 Peters was running the NCGC, rising fast to the position of "chair", almost as quickly as the death rate climbed with each incident of that new phenomenon to Australasia, the gun massacre. Undoubtedly her success in this new global calling was to the delight of her best friend the feminist activist Eva Cox and Peters' mentor Charles Watson, Professor of Public Health at Wollongong University, who admired her for her 'intellectual thoroughness.'

In a remarkably short time she quite brilliantly bull-dozed aside the entire weak, (some treacherous), and fragmented firearm owner, sporting shooters' groups, and almost surely was surprised by her success with the shooting massacres producing a 'win-win sound-bite' for the minds and meek support of the gullible Mums and Dads of Australia. Dunblane massacre occurred on 13 March `96 and Port Arthur followed 46 days later. Then all the pieces fell into place for Federal Attorney General, Daryl Williams, to implement the gun-ban laws prepared and ready in November of 1995 by Daryl Smeaton. Job done, it was off to the "Big Apple" for Peters.

But a point to remember, while Rebecca Peters was "down-under", 6 shooting massacres occurred in Australia and New Zealand resulting in 76 deaths and 53 wounded people. In "gun control" here, Peters was no doubt - numero uno. Curiously though since Peters left, the shooting massacres have ceased! None in the last six years. And private firearms still abound.

In New York, Rebecca Peters hit the pavement 'running' and is immediately associated with Desmond Riley of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence - part of the NAACP crowd involved in 'crafting a gun control strategy' for "curing gun ownership" - their words.

Shortly it was announced that Peters was awarded (if you believe their own news releases, or if logic is your guide, rewarded may be the more appropriate word), with a Senior Fellowship in March 1997 by the Soros Foundation's Open Institute funded Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research in Merryland. So the good citizens there should perhaps keep her Australasian achievements in mind. In making application for her fellowship, Rebecca had to 'submit a budget' for her envisioned work - forgive me from chuckling. Can you imagine her difficult task here? Think of a big digit add lots of zeros and voila - a budget!

You may wish to drop a line to the Doctor so here is her working address: The Center on Crime, Community and Culture, 400 West 59th Street, New York, NY10019. Or perhaps you may wish to forward a congratulatory e-mail to < rpeters [at] sorosny [dot] org . Rebecca's doctorate included a stipend incidentally of US$32,500 p. a., plus various expenses covered in her 'budgeted' expenses, the lot bankrolled by the tax-exempt Soros Foundation.

Her citizenry disarmament program is far flung, and includes Australia, New Zealand, the sub-continent, South America, Great Britain and Europe: she's a true-blue "globalist". First on the list after jetting out of Australia though, was her close involvement in organisation of the 'Million Mom March' and in reports of this event, her trademark outlandish unsubstantiated claims regarding crimes, firearms and related deaths appeared on cue. Easily destroyed later by reputable writers, but once the lie is said, truth inevitably is the casualty. Before leaving Australia though, her name was noted alongside that of her NCGC Hobart colleague (now chair of NCGC), Roland Browne on a University Paper entitled, Australia's New Gun Control Philosophy: Public Health is Paramount. 3 But I find it remarkable, that even although in Australia she'd been granted citizenship, Peters' American roots were emphasised. Now in America, Dr Peters is always reported as being 'an Australian gun control expert' - a weird twist don't you think.

In America, the Million Mom March staged on Monday 15 May 1996, on the Mall in Washington, was in Australia lauded 'a raging success'. But even with wall-to-wall major media publicity, numbers were in fact a long way short of the hoped-for million. Hillary and Bill Clinton were of course on tap for the regulation photo-shoot, not surprising really. As it was reported that the rally was 'conceived by Donna Dees-Thomases', supposedly just a concerned 'New Jersey housewife'. However it was reported that in fact Dees-Thomases was a 'high-powered CBS publicist who at one point worked for CBS anchor Dan Rather'. Even of more interest in this same report was the claim that the lady 'is the sister-in-law of Susan Thomases', who was lawyer, political advisor and confidant of Hillary Clinton, the then First Lady. 4

For Rebecca Peters, her 1996 schedule was quite hectic. It was crunch year and on 13 March at Dunblane primary school in Scotland,

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